Every trailer that we build* is taken by us to a Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)

testing station where VOSA's inspectors subject the trailer to a thorough examination. The

inspectors check the standards and positioning of all lights, the suitability of the brakes,

axles, tyres and hitch, the quality of the chassis welding and the soundness of the body,

where applicable.

The certificate of Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) that we receive on successful completion

of the examination means that the trailer can be offered for sale in the UK and USED anywhere

in the European Union. The IVA is issued by VOSA in its role as an agent of the Vehicle

Certification Agency, which is an offshoot of the United Nations Organisation. Though the IVA

does not entitle us to sell our trailers in other EU countries, many non-EU countries recognise

a UK IVA as a mark of quality.

*  From time to time we are asked to manufacture trailers for export to more exotic locations where

the authorities have no interest in certifcates. In these cases we need not have the trailer tested

and the price of the trailer is reduced by the £70 testing fee.