Wessex Flatbed Trailers and Platform Trailers

Model Gross wt; unladen wt (kg) Dimensions L x W x H (mm) Tyres Price (nett of VAT &delivery)
PL85-20 2000; --- 2440 x 1525 x 360 145 R12 £1675
PL105-26 2600; 560 3050 x 1525 x 360 155 R12 £1885
PL106-26 2600; 559 3050 x 1830 x 360 155 R12 £1945
PL146-26 2600; --- 4220 x 1830 x 360 155 R12  £2115
PL1266-35 3500; ---- 3610 x 1980 x 360 195/50 R13 8Ply £2425
PL1666-35 3500;--- 4830 x 1980 x 360 195/50 R13 8Ply £2665
Model numbers give an indication of the size in feet


 The PL Series of Flatbed Trailers and Platform Trailers are designed and manufactured for professional use. These robust and durable trailers offer a versatile option for transporting varied goods and equipment especially when customised with options such as Ramps, Mesh Sides, Ladder Rack etc.

The optional galvanised drop sides (in pressed steel for strength and rigidity), give unrestricted access on 3 sides, making for quick and easy loading, even by forklift truck.

The taperline chassis of formed channel and box-section cross-members (c/w rope hooks) is of fully welded construction and hot-dip galvanised. The design for strength without excess weight,
combined with Avonride full beam "Softride suspension" axles and Bradley cast coupling all add up to safe towing & stability whether laden or unladen.

The PL series is available in sizes ranging from 8'4" x 5' up to 16' x 6'6", with gross weight capacities of 2000Kg, 2600Kg and 3500Kg. Larger sizes can be built to special order.



8'4" x 5' / 10' x 5' / 10'x6'/12'x6' @2000KG
10'x5'/10'x6' / 12'x6' @ 2600KG
12'x6'6"/14'x6'6" / 16' x 6'6" @ 3500KG

Fully welded and Hot dipped glavanised steel Taperline chassis with boil
section cross memberswith welded rope hooks, 24" apart.
Wheel Size
140/70 R12 - 195/50R13 (4 stud) 195/50R13 (5 stud)
Deck Height
Coupling Height
25.5" / 24.5" 25.5"
16.5" 17" 17.5"
Bradley Cast hydraulically damped overrun coupling 50mm
head with locking facility and integrally mounted Bradley
Telescopic Jockey
Full E.C. Standard lighting utilising Rubbolite lamps recessed
into light channel with number plate fixings.
FLOOR 18mm Birch Ply with 5000 overlay of phenolic film,
sealed underside and edge.
Mudguards Flexible Thermoplastic Mudguards
Undergear Tandem Avonride full galvanised beam, independant Softride
suspension system, with auto reverse brakes, optional triple axle for PL14 and PL16
Optional Extras Fixed or removable headboard, drop-sides formed from 2mm
galvanised steel, 2 ft mesh side extensions, removable ladder rack, ramps with stowage under trailer, swing-down rear prop stands, winch post and winch, spare wheel & carrier, recessed deck rings, hitch eyes (30mm, 40mm, 50mm) in lieu of 50mm ball coupling, "Lockit & Cappit" theft deterrent.

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