Due to the ever-increasing popularity of trikes and bigger bikes, too heavy to

manhandle safely onto our side loading trailers we are experiencing a growing

demand for easy to use alternatives.

Here is a selection of the trailers we offer. They are available with traditional

rectangular load areas, great for two big bikes, a big bike and a couple of push

bikes, a big bike and lots of bits and bobs or even for a quad bike. You can

also have it with a tapered front for one bike or a trike, saving about two feet in

overall length and with the potential to make big savings in ferry charges. They

are available with body lengths up to 10ft and widths up to 5ft. We can make

them in 550kg or 750kg unbraked formats or with 1300kg single axle or 1600kg

twin axle running gear.

Carrying a traditional Harley Davidson

This trailer was custom made for this rather splendid Goldwing  trike. The

customer asked us to dispense with the usual mesh ramp tailgate and instead

supply three light folding aluminium loading ramps. They can either be stowed

on the deck, alongside the trike or on the rear holder, as below.

Here, one of our more sharply tapered trailers is carrying a super Kawasaki

ZZR 600. Instead of our usual front whel holder (£48) that you can see in the

first Harley picture, the customer specified a Bumpstop system. These are

£144.  This picture also shows our very popular motorbike handlebar ratchet

system (£29.99) in action.

Here's one we made to carry a customer's lovingly self-built Beetle-based

1600cc trike. You only had to here it fire-up to know why he went to all that


This is the standard, rectangular layout of our transporter trailer. It can be

specified with a completely empty loading area, like this or with one to three

front wheel holders. You can add any number of recessed deck rings (£12)

for lashing multiple loads and/or specify any number of free lashing hooks,

welded to the chassis. It can carry quads, trikes, mowers, little tractors; even

small plant equipment.