Here is the tapered version of our transporter trailer, a real  favourite with riders of big bikes

and scooters. This shaves a couple of feet of the overall length, saving on road space, storage

requirements and possibly on ferry charges.

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This pair gives you a glimpse of the range of trailers that make up the Transporter range. In

the foreground is our standard mobility scooter trailer with its lowered deck for ease of loading.

It's such a handy little trailer that it is not unknown for them to be bought to carry golf buggies

and the like.

Behind it is the twin axle, 9ft x 5ft model. This was built for a landscape gardening firm to carry

a ride-on lawn mower. It has unbraked suspension, giving it a carrying capacity of over half a

tonne but if you need more we can substitute braked axles to do the trick.

We can make Transporters to carry buggies tandem fashion or with room to take them side

by side.

Here's a couple more shots of our Transporter for trikes and bigger bikes. The Harley is on

board one of our standard range of trailers but the trailer for the Gold Wing trike was made to


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This customer asked us to build him a standard shape motorbike trailer with our usual front

wheel holder.

His idea was to buy a couple of roof-rack-style push bike carriers, bolt them to the trailer floor, near the outer rail so that he and his wife could have pedal power as well a road burner on their hols.

This type of front wheel holder costs £48 (inc vat), fitted while the BumpStop front wheel system, shown in the picture at the top of the page is £144.

All the trailers have lashing eyes along the sides at no extra cost but we can add recessed deck rings if needed for a special cargo or for securing more than one bike for just £12 each.