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Here you can see our MP3 Piaggio trailer that has been fabricated with a bespoke built in storage box. please click the image to see the trailer from different angles.

Armitage's are just the people to come to if there are no standard trailers that suit your requirements for size or weight capacity, or if you want something out of the ordinary. We will design and manufacture a bespoke trailer specifically for your own needs. You can tell us what you want the bespoke trailer to do and what size and weight you want to carry. If you have any drawings or ideas yourself we will sit down and discuss your requirements and then build you exactly what you want within the constraints of the law.

Here is one of our trailers, on hire from our customer, Eventex/Link Communications to the BBC

And here's an 8-canoe trailer we built for the Prince's Trust

We worked with the designer and retailer on the develeopment of the trailer and

tower for this amazing portable slide

Please click here for more pictures of the tower slide

Another one for the kiddies



This mobile garage is an example of the kind of bespoke trailer we are often asked to build. This trailer is 18ft long, 7'6 wide and 7ft high and, with a gross weight of 3500kg, can carry around 2500kg. As you can see, our customer loaded his car up the removable ramps into the back door. He then took the trailer and his mega motor home back to base to load his quad bike up the ramps into the front section and take off to the Continent for an extended holiday. 

Some people have all the luck!


                                           Armitage's bespoke 21-Bike Trailer

Exhibition style box van

The cycle trailer (above) was built for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and is used behind a coach to transport bikes into the heart of the Dales, saving tired legs.

The trailer to the left was built to the exact requirents of a Kent publican and is doing sterling service slaking the thirsts of show and festival goers all over the south of England. The full opening side was just how he wanted it but it can be made to whatever dimensions you want.

These trailers (right and below) were built to the specific designs of a showman. Working on the age-old principle that time is money, his most important crtiteria was that the trailers should be built so that they could be ready for action as quickly as possible and involving as few people as possible. Judicious use of barn door side panels and wind-out awnings in one case and a gas ram-supported canopy, in conjunction with built-in fold down steps in the other, did the job. Click on the images for more pictures.

  Over the years we have built a huge variety of bespoke trailers, from over- sized box van trailers with rear tail lifts to special motorcycle trailers. We have built trailers to carry garage doors on special adjustable legs, a trailer to carry a large folding floating dance platform, curtain sided trailers like a small HGV ( 3500Kg max ) and even a folding fairground ring the bell game. Armitage's will tackle most projects, providing they are within the legal size and weight limits for towing behind a car, 4x4 or light commercial vehicle. We do not build anything over 7' 6" wide unless it folds out on site because that's the maximum width before venturing into HGV territory and we do not build road-going HGV trailers. The legal limits are gross weight, 3500 kg and trailer length, not including draw bar, of 23 feet. The 4500kg gross curtain sider shown lower is for factory yard use only, but if you need something like that, we will be happy to oblige.
Please contact us via post, E mail or fax with all your specifications and we will work out a quote on information provided or simply telephone and make an appointment to come and visit. Please ensure you have all the information required at the time of your visit.

A selection of Armitage's bespoke trailers

Two and half tonnes of generator; one of five intended to keep Canary Wharf lit through any power cut.



                Small mobile commentary box with roof rack to take 6 PA speakers


8 x 6 x 7 Box trailer front & rear shutter doors with large fan built in for testing air tightness when constructing new buildings



A large mobile garage (built for a |Mercedes B class) which also converts to sleeping quarters.  Click on pictures to see more.

This trailer was specially built for a company in the south of England to be kitted out as a mobile demonstration unit to show off the kind of equipment that will ne needed when the UK's television network goes digital. Click on the image to see more.

3 Bike Trailer with Box

8x4 special Trailer


10 x 6 Flatbed & High Cover Trailer

Billboard Trailer

6ftx4ft Tipper Trailer

Mobility Scooter Trailer



Special Box Trailer

Punt Trailer

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