As a result of the towbar legislation changes introduced in April 2012 we have sourced the very best in

type-approved towbars from the UK and Europe. We are now able to supply and fit type approved towbars

specially-designed for the 2012 on Alko-chassis / extension chassis motorhomes.

From Memo, a Dutch company which has been making such towbars for many years to comply with

legislation which has been in place on the Continent for quite some time we can offer type approved

towbars for motorhomes which don't have Alko chassis. Prices start at £640, fitted but there would be

extra charges, usually ranging between £60 and £120 per side if the chassis or chassis extensions need

to have strenghthening work to be carried out. like on this Renault based Hobby below (click on photo

for more views ) or £120 - 180 per side for complete chassis extensions manufacturing as explained

futher down the page.

Pictured below is our solution for the problems that type approval has caused for those of you who

need to carry a motorbike or scooter. As well as fitting a type approved towbar we can bolt receiver

tubes to the chassis to accept one our normal integrated scooter racks. Because this installation

does not interfere with the type approved towbar in any way in is a separate entity which does not

come within the scope of type approval rules. Providing the chassis extensions are up to the job we

can add this very valuable extra facility for around a further £420.

Please click on the pic above to go to more images.

The Autotrail Tracker below shows a Type approved towbar with stepped up bumper attachment for

protection. The standard approved Flange ball type towbar without the bumper costs £640.00 inc vat

fitted and wired with single bypass protected electrics as shown below ( click on photo for more veiws).

add a further £240.00 inc vat for the bumper attachment when ordered with the towbar or £360.00

at a later date as an add on, as shown below.


Below is a Hobby Tag Axle with type approved towbar fitted along with our Stainless steel covered

Bolt on bumper and Scooter rack provisions ( click on photo for more views )

and below with the cheaper Stainless bumper option ( no scooter rack provisions ) this style can

only be done straight across with no centre section cut out if the towbar pretrudes enough otherwise

it has to have the centre section cut out to access the approved towball for towing as above.

This unregistered Bessacar 442 alsoo wanted a besoke bumper along with a type approved

towbar but prefered white instead of our usual Stainless steel covered version this does cost a further

£60 however to paint white as its very hard to cover and needs layer after layer so its

quite time consuming. ( click on photo for more views )


The photo below shows the adjustable Towtrust towbar fitted to a Bailey Autograph

The picture below shows the New Memo fixed ( none adjustable ) bar fitted to a Bailey Approach.

which looks much neater than the adjustable type as it has to be on show ( click on photo for my views )

Below is the same fixed type approved towbar complete with our bespoke Stainless covered

Under-run ( bumper ) and heavy duty Scooter rack provisions capable of an all in load of 200kg

once our rack is slotted in at 30kg you can carry up to a 170kg Motorbike providing you have the

payload capacity on the Motorhome of course? all standard approved towbars only have an S value

( noseload capacity ) of 100kg so if you want to tow and carry a Motorbike when not towing this is

the option you will need. ( click on photo for more views )

Below is the adjustable Memo towbar fitted to a 2013 Bessacarr E796

At the bottom of the page is the towbar before fitting.

And the motorhome below is a Mercedes Sprinter-based Hymer Starline B680

The towbar below is fitted to a 2014 Rollerteam Autoroller 685. ( click on photo for closer images )

This towbar is EC approved to be fitted to any current Al-Ko chassis motorhome or any motorhome which is fitted

with Al-Ko chassis extensions.

It costs £640 inc vat, fitted, with full, bypass-protected electrics. If distances to us here in Ferrybridge are too great

or you are good at DIY we can supply the towbar only for £430 inc vat or with wire-it-yourself cable and relay electrics kit for £495 inc vat.

We can substitute a dedicated 13 pin plug-in electrics kit for a further £156. This will enable towed-vehicle bulb failure detection devices

to function, this dedicated wiring kit is RRP £240.


Below you can see a 'worst case scenario' example of the chassis extensions we have to fabricate for some motorhomes.

This particular motorhome is a Cathergo C-line with galvanized back to back lipped channel extensions,

reinforced at the Fiat chassis end, then triangulation reinforcement brackets from towbar to chassis extensions.

Click the image below to see more pictures of the extensions on the C-line.


Chassis extensions by the same company may need to be fitted to April 2012-on Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit

and non- Al-Ko Fiat/Peugeot/Citroen based motorhomes to allow the same type approved towbar to be fitted. The

same towbar prices apply but the extensions are £522 inc vat, fitted. Many of these vehicles are already fitted with

type approved chassis extensions so the type approved bar can be fitted ditrectly, but some are not and need the


P.S. Don't worry about the gap at the end...that's where the towbar goes.

Click here to see some of the extension work that we do.

TowTrust towbars for Elddises &

the Autotrail range.

Here is the TowTrust fully approved towbar for the Eldiss family of motorhomes. We are able to offer

this to you for just £640, fitted and wired with dedicated 13 pin electrics c/w 13 - 7 pin adaptor.

The recommended retail price for the self fit kit is £690 we can offer you this for £425 delivered, so I'm

sure you will agree, we can offer you splendid value for money.

We can offer the same prices on the Autotrail range of motorhomes like the Tribute below.

Witter towbars for Elddises

The Elddis family of motorhomes, the Aspire, the Autoquest and the Compass Avantgarde, are all catered

for exclusivley by type approved towbars from Witter. They are specially manufactured to fit perfectly

with the chassis extensions that Witter make for Elddis.

This is the genuine Witter towbar, fitted to a new Elddis Aspire. The price, £950 inc vat and fitting.