Motorhome towbar and A-Frame fitted to our Aygo today - arrived at 08:00 and was on our way again by 12:00.
Fantastic job by the team, thanks to John, Wayne and Adam - professional from start to finish with an excellent handover.
Very pleased, it all towed well on our first outing up to York.

Anne/Steve Rayment 01-10-2018

From the initial contact with the company to the collection of my side loading trailer the whole experience was seamless .

Excellent service, excellent build quality and fantastic tuition. Trailer came with all equipment required to secure scooter.

Would not hesitate in recommending this company and would definitely buy from them again.

Thanks Brian 10th September 2018

First proper outing with our side loading trailer and Ducati
Once I’d sussed the best way of tying it down it is unbelievably stable and safe
Previously reviewed their quality and the fitting service for our MH towbar which was also excellent

Thanks Tom Hall 29th May 2018

Hi John, hi Wayne,

Just a short "Thank you!" note for the mobility scooter platform that despite the weather, arrived safely here yesterday!

What a fantastically well engineered piece of kit!  Very impressed!

I shall set about assembly and fitting over the weekend.  Well, that's if the snow has cleared by then.

Thanks once again for the speedy build and for all your help in answering my questions.


Rich Kavanagh 02-03-2018

Hi John.


Just a private note away from Facebook.


We are back home now in KENT!! and drove just over 300 miles with the smart car attached with no problems at all. 

Thank you and all at Armitages again for your Professionalism, humour and welcome towards myself and Neat.

We really did appreciate it and it help takes the sting away from the large bill at the end. I see that our

Main Man Darren Jackson might be contacting you about a group discount, He is a cracking bloke and

you may have even done his tow bar in the past i'm sure you'll get a bit of work through the group.

 Good wishes for yourself and Armitages Future and if we are ever up North again we will pop into see ya all.


Warmest Regards

Allun and Anita Clement. 17-02-2018


Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service and attention from John, patiently talking me through

the instructions on attaching the A frame. The system works perfectly and the Smart tows like a dream.


Kind regards.

 Richard Dover. 16-02-2018


Jeannette Millward Awww.....that's Floyd, our MH. Chuffed to bits with the towbar and service

was great. Gives us the option to take both the bikes now...roll on January and 3 weeks Spain and

Portugal..can't wait. Thanks guys

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· November 16 at 8:55pm


Jane Wallace‎ to Armitage Trailers & Towbars

· September 29 ·

The guys @armitagetrailers did an incredible this evening after finding the idiot who fitted

my tow bar had left bare wires and even put wires into the wrong places. They stayed back

after work and practically re wired my car not only making it safe but ensuring I could

have my trailer in time for the event on Sunday.
If anyone needs a trailer I cannot recommend these guys enough. Thank you.

Description: Image may contain: outdoor


Matt Cox (3rd July, 2015):

Thanks Armitage trailers great job!!! Very professional and friendly service!!!

Jason Woodward (8th July, 2016):

Had a A frame fitted today . Great service , really well explained with full demo , thanks again .

Collin and Lynn Brackenbury (9th September, 2016):

Good day to all.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all at Armitage Trailers. Coming from

a professional background myself i was very impressed with how my wife and i was greeted

on arrival by Tom and Kay,a lovely young lady with a lovely Irish accent.

Both were very pleasant and smiley people,we were made very welcome.

They were both very professional in how they spoke and treated us. I found Tom

very helpful and very knowledgeable in everything as he explained how the 'A' frame

system worked, it's operation how to use it and the safety procedures. Tom is a very

thorough methodical and concientious person and shows good the quality of the product and

the company 100%. Tom is a great asset to Armitages along with his associate Kay, we

are very pleased and very confident with our purchase and workmanship of the product

and conversion to our Motorhome and car.

I will definately recommend you to my friends and fellow Motorhome owners. Great job well done to all.

Thank you all at Armitages

Collin and Lynn Brackenbury.


Having recently joined facebook, here are a few examples of the feedback that our customers have given.

Shaun King (14th July, 2016):

Motorhome towbar and 'A' Frame fitted in less than a day. Excellent professional service

from everyone Armitage's. Particularly good support from Tom with a 40 minute demonstration.

250 mile trip home with no issues. Thanks to all.

Steve Liddington (14th July, 2016):

Had a New Audi A1 S Line fitted with an A Frame today great people and first class job done.
Great hand over from Tom as well

Ronnie Robinson (24th June, 2016):

Armitage Trailers and Towbars fitted our motorhome with Towbar on 21/6/2016

and sorted Smart Car for Towing. Can I just say what a Amazing Job they

have done and Thanks to All the staff.
Would Highley Recommend to Everyone. They are Friendly, Helpful

and very Reasonable.
Many Thanks ALL.
If you want the Best...
Armitage are the Best

Barry Cochrane (9th May, 2016):

Hi guys, many thanks for the job completed for myself & Dave today

( A frame for Smart fortwo), nice work from Tom who did the booking

in & walk through. Straight from there back to Essex with no

problems, well worth the mileage - 5 stars!

Frances Blythe (13th May, 2016):

We would like to thank you and especially Tom for the excellent service we

received today in the fitting of our A-frame on our C3. Tom was very patient

with us and he couldn't have been more thorough in explaining the fitting

dismantling and all the safety aspects. Look forward to seeing you next year

Tom when we bring it back for its first service.

Claire Greig (7th May, 2016):

Wow! After trying to find a towbar for our new to us motorhome we

found armitage. Wayne and Tom were amazing.. guiding us from photos

taking to fitting. We arrived and found they were as professional and

friendly in person as they were on the phone. We left them for the day and went

shopping ... when we arrived back it was all done and looks stunning!!

We've even ordered a rack to fit our fiamma bag on the bag while we were there.

Can't recommend them highly enough thank you x 12 out of 10!!!!


Mr Caws writes (September, 2015):

Hello Wayne,sorry i did not meet you when i collected my m/c trailer

last Thursday, i got home ok and am very happy with my purchase.

Many thanks to your employees, the office staff sorted out everything

even though they were having a difficult start to the day and the workshop

lads made sure i understood it all,in the rain.  Thanks to you all.   Ray Caws


Mr Nicholson writes (October, 2015):

Armitage Trailers.

I know how much feedback and praise are worth to a company so I thought
my experience with your sideloader trailers may be useful for your website.

First of all many thanks for a minor repair you carried out on my trailer recently.

From arriving at your door to leaving it only took your qualified engineer 40 minutes to repair.

In December 2010 I purchased from you a sideloader trailer to carry my

Suzuki Burgman Scooter, which was very heavy. After using it for two years

I thought that a castor wheel trailer would be easier.
At first it was but after a few months my chassis began to twist because

of the stress caused by the trailer. Also it couldn't be removed from the vehicle

without being dismantled in full which was really inconvenient most of the time.

In view of the damage it was causing I sold it and in 2015 purchased

yet another of your excellent sideloader trailers. I have just finished a season

touring Europe covering over 5000 miles and your trailer has performed admirably

throughout my trip. I was always very cautious whilst reversing but now

it is very easy with care and space.

I would totally recommend an Armitage Sideloader trailer to anyone requiring

transport for a scooter or motorcycle. I must stress that I am only a very satisfied

customer at Armitages and have no other connection with the company.

Kind Regards,

Wilf Nicholson


Seane Wilkinson writes (April, 2014):

Thank you to you and the guys yesterday for the fitting and training on the

A frame for my swift car and the Tow bar to the Geist Phantom Motorhome, I would

be obliged if you could pass my thanks to the fitting teams in the workshop,

The 1 – 3 touch test came in very useful, as I stopped just before getting on the old A1

to check all was ok…. And despite listening intensely to your training and

information, guess who had left the handbrake on the tow car!! The rear brakes were already

getting hot.The rest of the 100 mile journey home went smoothly and you didn’t

know the car was there. A further stop at Wetherby services saw everything to be

fine and the back brakes cold.

Once again many thanks

Seane Wilkinson



Nick Heaton writes (April, 2015):

Firstly thank you for the excellent customer service you provided during the design

and fitting of a towbar to our Dethleffs motorhome. I am delighted with the

end result and it actually enhances its appearance.


Mr Coulter writes (August, 2015):


I would like to thank you for your excellent service when fitting the A-frame to our

Peugeot 107 last week. The service was first class and the product is built to a high quality

and we had a very good demonstration of how everything worked. We towed it with our

Autotrail Apache this week (over 300 miles) with no problems, it was great having

the car when we were away it made our holiday so much more enjoyable.

Thanks to all at Armitages for their help and assistance.


Tim Brooksbank of Keighley said after we had completed a lengthy and complex towbar installation to his new Laika:-

"I've had my (car transporter) trailer on the back of the motorhome and

everything is OK. I am really pleased with the look of the towbar. May I take

this opportunity to thank you and all the staff; it's a refreshing change. I had

my own company for 20 years and I always said that we were no different to any

other supplier except for the service that we gave. Your customer satisfaction is 100%."


In all his own words, on Pete Hudson's blog....


Geoff Page of Bedfordfshire asked us to build him a trailer to carry his

out-of-the-ordinary mobilty scooter. He says: "Feel free to use the pictures

and you can add my endorsement; 'A Rolls Royce of trailers, ergomomically

designed for mobility scooters,." Space is at a premium so he neded the trailer

to be as small as possible. It has been made to measure and has a lower front

rail than usual to allow the scooter's stability wheels and carry basket to pass over it,

saving about a foot.


Hi guys – here’s the Punto (that I collected from you on Friday morning)

after our first ‘test run’ today. Everything fits perfectly, and we had no problems

whatsoever. The motorhome pulls the Punto like it’s not there (not strictly true, as

it feels just like a car with a caravan on the back) and we drove 50 miles with no

difficulties and yes, we did stop after a couple of miles to check that the brakes weren’t

overheating. We will keep on checking and re-checking everything and

we’ll be back in a year or so for you to check/service the A-frame.

We’re off to France soon and your A-frame will make our holiday far more enjoyable than it

otherwise would have been.

Many thanks indeed for all your hard work on our behalf – we’re delighted.

Cheers – Geoff Thomas

PS – the picture shows our AutoTrail Chieftain and the Punto at the caravan/motorhome

storage facility we use in Barnsley - and don’t they make a nice couple!


Bob Jones of Great Barr, Birmingham, wrote to say: "Hi, Nigel, Just a

quick note to thank you for the very nice job you made of fitting my motorbike

carrier, and a big thank you to all your staff, who we found very helpful,

[The only downsidemy wife spent a fortune at the shopping centre at Junction 32].

We are very pleased with the motorbike carrier and the high quality it is

built to, after the previous experience we had of other motor bike carriers

which in my opinion were dangerous.  I am also grateful for your

recommendation of Kellington Manor Hotel, we spent two evenings

there which was very enjoyable and inexpensive. King regards, Bob Jones.


Bernard Ward, of Bingham, Nottinghamshire, who titled his e-mail "Happy Bunny" , said

Hi Nigel, just a quick email to say thank you for the excellent

service I received on behalf of Armitage Trailers.The tow bar you fitted

to my Hobby motorhome looks stunning. It compliments the Hobby

and is a neat installation.I am pleased I listened to your advise and went

for the stainless cover. All in all, a very pleasant experience and I would recommend

Armitage to anyone contemplating having a tow bar fitted or in fact

any other trailer/A frame additions.

Kind regards, your "highly valued customer", Bernard Ward


Garry Curran wrote, after we had fitted an a-frame to his brand new Hyundai i10, to say

Good Afternoon Wayne,

 Just a quick note of thanks  following our visit yesterday. The car towed

so well on the way home, as you said it would, we really didn't notice it in 200

plus miles of motorway driving .

I must say as a non technical person who has nonetheless had loads of "standard" tow

bars fitted to cars over the years the finished tailored job under the body is very neat and

the whole thing is finished well and very tidy - much neater than many so called

"standard fit" bars I've seen.

I'd be happy for this to go on your customer page as the whole process was

very smooth and the hand over demo was good .  

Thanks again for all your help leading up to our order and on the day.

 Best Regards Garry


The same week Julie and Rob Duguid wrote to say

You may not remember me, but you were kind enough to fit the A-frame on our car

before the August bank holiday to save us having to come and get it on the day

we travelled. I explained at the time how thankful we were and you said would

that mean I would add you to the Xmas list, sadly I didn't get organised to send cards out but I hope

this email will do.
We really couldn't decide if to bring our car with us or not on this little tour

of ours, but we are so grateful we did and that you did it when you did as

something broke on our van a few days before we travelled and had to

be fixed on the day we would have had to come and collect the

car so you guys really did do us a favour, thank you again"   
We travelled through Germany no problems on our way to Hungary, we

stayed there through September as they were having such nice weather

and then travelled to Slovenia and Austria before going back through Germany

to France to head south for the winter. Just to let you know we got

stopped by the police near Stuttgart and although they kept us hanging

around for half an hour whilst they checked things out, once we explained the

system was braked they let us on our way. We got stopped again

on the same day near Strasbourg, but the German side and again they let us go on our way. 
We are now in Portugal trying to enjoy the sunshine, which is proving to be a bit

unpredictable, but obviously not as cold and wet as the UK.
Anyway, thank you again for all those who helped get our A-frame done

so quickly, hope you all have a really nice Xmas and the best of New Years!
Julie and Rob Duguid  


Mike Abery bought a motorhome which had one of our towbars already

fitted...unfortunately, the detachable neck was missing. Here's what he wrote:-

Hello Wayne, Thank you for your help with getting the tow ball attachment

made for my motorhome. I received it this morning and it fits

perfectly. Many thanks for your help and the excellent service you have given me, it is

much appreciated.
Kind regards
Mike Abery


 In October 2012, a customer who had just had us fit a towbar to her

new motorhome was asking for information to help her choose between 

a trailer and an a-frame for the familty runabout. She e-mailed to say:

Hi Wayne

That is really helpful thanks, we (are) unlikely to go abroad except for

Southern Ireland, so will stick to the a frame.  We would like the jockey wheel and the locking

head as well please.

Once again thank you for all your help I can understand why Auto Trail recommends you!

Best wishes





I just wanted let you know that I was delighted with the arrangements on the

day of fabrication and fitting of my motorhome towbar, as well as being very impressed

with the towbar itself. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with and, with the bonus of the loan

car provided, my daughter and I had a very busy day – the morning at

Fairburn Ings RSPB Reserve and the afternoon at Junction 32 Outlet centre.

 I have thoroughly tested the towbar, having towed my new boat (see pic) back from

SW Scotland a few days later – some 365 miles – with no problems at all.

 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone – you are welcome to add the

above to the long list of testimonials from happy customers !


Thanks again.


Cheers, Colin Lee (April 2012)


Phil Dyke of Cirencester, who decribes himself as "a very grateful customer" bought one of our tapered

750kg transporter trailers in August 2012 to carry his motorbike trike.

He says. To Wayne and staff; the trailer is wonderful, thank you again for such a good job and friendly service.


Dear Eric, Wayne and Staff

Just writing to thank you so much for all the trouble you went to ensuring our

scooter fitted correctly on the superb motorbike trailer we bought from you;the

trailer is very well made and we are extremely pleased with it. 

The towbar, which you also fitted to our motorhome at the same time, looks very

impressive and is also made to a very high standard.

 The friendly service and attention to detail we received from your company was

second to none and we would highly recommend you and your products.

Yours sincerely

Don & Gail Williams

(Compass Classique WIL2253) April 2012




Just to thank you, Wayne and all the team at Armitages for the splendid

job you did yesterday in such freezing conditions.  My especial thanks

to Brian for his great patience in such weather and for an excellent demonstration

of all aspects of the A frame.

I am delighted with how the A frame for the Fiat 500 and my rear

wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter based Burstner performed in the couple

of centimetres of snow we found during our return home to York. 

There was hardly any noticeable drop in vehicle performance

and I believe that the extra tail load made the back end extremely

firm on the road. 

Driving in such slippery conditions has given me complete confidence in your

product and I would not hesitate to recommend you to any potential customers. 

Please feel free to use this endorsement in any way that you wish.

Kind regards

Andrew Griffiths


10 February 2012


Nearly a year after having one of our a-frames fitted to his car, David Noble

e-mailed us to say:-

Hi Folks,   I thought I should write and let you know how pleased my wife

and I are with the trailer you fitted to my Citroen C3 last October.  

We have found it easy to set up and prepare the night before we set off

on our travels and with the added jockey wheel I can drive right up to the

motorhome tow ball, easy peasy.   Many fellow motorhomers have commented

and I have given them your details and hope you get some orders.  

Thank you and continued success   David Noble.

He sent us this picture.


In November 2011, Ian and Julie Reid said:-

Hi All

Just a note to say a huge thanks to Wayne and all the staff who were

very friendly and professional throughout our visit to have our A-Frame

fitted to our Fiat 500 and Tow Bar fitted to our Autotrail Cheyenne

840D, the demonstration was clear and easy to take in, we were given a

courtesy car for the day and had a great time at Xscape and all the outlets,

since then we have been touring around up north Scotland and what a

difference it has made to our holidays having the car, driving over the

glens ( where there is no bus route ) shopping and sightseeing , all in all it

was the best money spent to travel down from Edinburgh to Wakefield

to have a cracking and professional job done, a massive big

THANK YOU to all your staff.  Attached is a photo


Ian Reid

Operations Director   


architectural blacksmiths


Colin and Jean who live near York e-mailed us on 15-9-11

Just like to say a big thank you to everyone there for their expert help and assistance.  

We had dallied for a long time about whether to have a frame fitted to tow the car behind

the motorhome but are very glad we did. The day went well and on our return to the

workshop everything was explained in detail so we knew what to do when we got home.

The journey back to Wilberfoss, near York, was via the A1, M62, A1 (M), A64 and A1079

which we do regularly. I drove all the way home and had to keep looking in the rear view

mirrors to remind myself the car was on the back!!  There was neglible difference in pulling

away and stopping and absolutely no difference on the move.   We are looking forward to

trips out and be able to get around at our destinations more freely - our trip to Kent is now

definitely on.     Once again, thanks for all the hard work - it all looks very neat and tidy.    


Fred and Lynn of Bury St Edmunds wrote to us on August 19, 2011, saying:-

Can I say how great your staff have been in dealing with my towbar. I found your hospitality

exceptional and how happy we were to be there. I was also very pleased with the work you

have done on the motorhome, it looks great. Thank You.


Barry & Sandra of Newcastle say:-

Dear sirs we had an A frame fitted by you in Tuesday 1st June. We live 10 miles

out of Newcastle and there was only one dealer in our area that fitted A frames and

they were based in Durham. We took time off work to arrange the fitting which was

supposed to take 2 days and when we went to pick the car up after its modifications,

we were astounded at the state of our car. The A frame was too heavy to handle and

there was a massive hand painted bar fitted to the front of the vehicle which would

have attracted the attention of the police as it was a danger to the public. We asked

for it to be removed and were not charged for any of the work. We contacted

Armitages and we were holidaying in York so arranged to go on one of our days.

We dropped off the car and picked up a courtesy car, ( never given the choice at the

Durham suppliers), and told it would take about 8 hours (Editor's note. Conversion time

is now down to three to four hours for popular models, six to seven hours for the rest )

, we turned up and had a demonstration of the fitting and all the things to check before

pulling off. Wayne was showing another couple about their A frame and we tagged on.

then he went through it all again for us without complaint. We found Armitages staff very

pleasant and very professional. The car looked great with only minimal fittings protruding

from the vehicle. They even did the number plate and velcroed it on for us. We are

extremely pleased with the service and the standard of the A frame, we would recommend

them to any one, and they were cheaper than the company in Durham. You should be

proud of your company and your staff, thanks for making it easy.  

Regards   Barry & Sandra


This customer says:

"This is the best trailer that I have ever towed. I have forgotten at times that I was towing it. It handles well following me round corners without cutting in, backs up easy.  Stops very quickly in a emergency without any problems, as I have experienced, I love it. Thank you  very much, Charlie Jipson.

Mr Jipson takes his fairground organ around charity events in the South Yorkshire area to "add a little atmosphere".  


Mike and Frances Diduca asked for our advice about a problem they had encountered with

a car transporter trailer we had originally sold four years ago to one of our customers as

agents for another manufacturer.

They said:- Dear Wayne, many thanks for your very prompt reply and the info. Whilst we are

in Spain we will recheck everything as per your advice. What a refreshing change it is to

receive such excellent backup, thank you very much for your help.

Mike & Frances


Annette and Phil Gration of Skegness say:-

I would just like to say thank you to you and your staff for the great service and

for fitting us in at such short notice, whilst we were on holiday in Yorkshire and

bought our Smart car.

We were very pleased with the A-frame on the Smart car and also the towbar

that you fitted to our Bolero. It is lovely to know that we now have the freedom to

take the car with us. Phil is also impressed with the additiion of the jockey wheel

to the A-frame and therefore very happy that we decided to use Armitage's rather

than the other companies that do not offer this option.

We were also very pleased with the printout that you gave to us for travel abroad

in different languages, it is extra peace of mind if we are ever stopped and queried

about the legality of towing a car.

We will certainly recommend you to anyone looking to have an A-frame or a towbar.

It is nice to see that your company retains good, old fashioned, personal service.

Kind regards, Annette and Phil Gration


Simon Kennedy of Derbyshire, says:-

I would like to thank you for the service I received from your excellent staff. I have

had a towbar fitted on both my motorhome and car over the last two to three weeks

and have been impressed by the workmanship and customer service.

Particular thanks to Wayne and Nigel for explaining the technicalities amd smoothing

the jobs along, the electrician (sorry, I don't know his name), an enthusiastic and

customer focussed technician, plus his willing mate and their friendly supervisor.

Thank you all again, Simon Kennedy


Sue and Adrian Speight of Leicestershire, say:-

We want to say that it has been a pleasure to deal with Armitage Trailers, from your

first, very prompt response to my e-mail enquiry, through the booking process - you

have all been so helpful and caring - particularly in the setting up of the A-frame. It is

good to come across a company in this part of the leisure industry that shows a high

regard and interest for its customers.

Thank you, Sue and Adrian Speight


Dave  Wild of Cumbria says:-

Just a quickie for your "good service" section! Further to my e-mail requesting advice

on the legality of A-frames, as a result of your comments and enquiries with VOSA etc

I took the plunge and booked my VW Fox into Armitage Trailers.

We had to have the car there for 8am!!! so it was an early start. We were met by very

helpful staff who showed us to a dedicated waiting room with views over the nearby

canal just yards away and offered coffee.

The conversion was to take approx 8 hours (Editor's note. Conversion time is now down

to three to four hours for popular models, six to seven hours for the rest )so we took them

up on their offer of transport to the nearby shopping centre where we spent several hours

before phoning to be picked up again. Finally, at 5.30, the car was ready and what a super

job! and very discreet.

As we didn't  have our tow vehicle with us a full instruction was given by Wayne, the boss,

as to how to operate everything and most important of all, how to set up the braking system.

This was followed by written instructions and explanation of the A-frame system in various

languages, should we be stopped abroad.

All in all, an excellent job by Wayne and his crew at Armitage; a company I would certainly

recommend. Well worth the 250 mile round trip from Penrith.

Dave Wild


 Alan Talbot of Wester Ross, Scotland, writes:-

Just an update on the 'A' frame and how it is working out..

First of all, Thank you for your very professional service and support
which you provided when we had the frame attachment and the frame
itself supplied last month. We had out first trip out in the 'combo'
recently and I am pleased to say that everything worked out really
well. The initial fitting, following your advice and Wayne's demo went
according to plan and the towing was very straightforward and
effortless. The option of having the jockey wheel facility was very
important and made the whole operation extremely easy , both for attaching and detaching the outfit.
We are delighted with the whole set-up and congratulate you on every
aspect of the deal. It gave a new dimension to our motor homing holiday.

GA Talbot


David Tomlinson of Eastbourne told us:-

Dear Nigel  

Everything went well on our return trip apart from a rather wet drive down the motorway.

However, I just had to let you have a note to say how much we appreciate the effort

everyone at Armitage put in to getting us sorted out with the right 'A' frame for our outfit.  

As you say, it is easy to forget that there is a small car hooked on to the

back of the motorhome and as Brian recommended, we checked on a

couple of occasions during the journey to make sure everything was alright. 

May I also say that how impressed we were with the professional approach

shown by Armitage from start to finish following our decision to

have an 'A' frame fitted.  It is reassuring to find that even in the

current climate, there are still companies such as Armitage where

# personal service is second to none.   The detailed presentation that

Brian gave us, as novices to the A frame world was very thorough and reassuring. 

Please pass on our thanks once again to him.  I am sure that during our travels

the 'A' frame you fitted will attract some interest from other motorhome owners

when I shall be pleased to pass on your details to others who are considering having an

A frame fitted.   Many thanks.  

David Tomlinson


Donald Moore from Cornwall says:-

We had a towbar ftted to our motorhome and an A-frame fitted to our Citroen Berlingo van.

We would just like to commend you and your staff for your hard work done on the day and

the excellent way I was instructed in the operation of the A-frame.

We went on to have a lovely holiday in Scotland and some of the roads we travelled were

a full test of the frame and towing hitch. For example, we headed for Braemar via Glenshee,

a very tough road even in Spring and the outfit was first class.

Many thanks again for all your hard work on the day.

Yours, faithfull, Donald Moore.


Mr and Mrs Martin of Lancashire asked us, out of the blue, if we could fit central

locking and an alarm system to their brand new car.

They say:-

We had the A frame fitted on the Citroen 1 on thursday and on arrival we asked do

they fit car alarms and central locking, I was told no but a phone call was made

to the auto electician and within a hour I received a call to say yes it could be

done later in the afternoon, later on at 16 . 30 hrs I received a phone call to

say the car was ready to pick up. We was shown in the work shop how to

install the A frame and then again on the car park onto the motor home,

also the auto electrician showed us the alarm and central locking by this time it

was 18.00 hrs, so a big thankyou to all at Armitage's for a brilliant day the guy's

were so helpfull.  

Kind Regards   Dave and Sandra


Patrick Gayson of Nottinghamshire says:-

Thank you for your prompt and professional service. It took approximately 5 hours to fit a front

a-frame and a rear towbar. Your staff were sociable and professional and explained all relevant

details and requirements including when going abroad. I can't say enough about the service.

Thanks to all, Pat Gayson