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Side/Low Loading Motorcycle/Motorbike/Scooter Trailer

This sleek design are made on site from mild steel and then is hot dipped galvanised to protect it from rust.  These are very popular in

the Motorhome Industry/Motorbike enthusiasts and with a very competitive price tag starting from £1150.00 to £1295.00 including VAT.  You can see why our

customers love them due to the workmanship that goes into making these so light but yet so durable whilst allowing a load of 225kg of

Motorcycle which are built on 350kg gross for the standard Side Loading Motorcycle Trailer & 235kg on the Low Loading Motorcycle Trailer.

These are manufactured with back supporting legs which allows these to be stored in a garage when limited for space and for an extra £120.00

you can have the caster system that makes wheeling these around effortless.

This is a premier built trailer and due to it having a transverse design, this keeps the trailer length as short as possible. This not only takes

up an amazingly small amount of space on the road and on camp sites, but can save an absolute fortune in ferry fares for bikers and motorhomers

who regularly cross the channel.

The single unit's on the road footprint is just 58 inches long and 83 inches to 92½ inches wide, depending on the length of the bike.

The deck is 20 inches from the ground. The re-designed trailer will happily carry a bike weighing up to a very generous 225kg, this

can be made to carry a heavier bike on a 500kg gross trailer, however you need to be confident on loading that weight of bike up the ramps.

Our Side/Low loading Motorcycle Trailer not only comes with a fantastic price tag of £1150 or £1295.00 including VAT depending on which trailer you purchase.

Both of the trailers comes complete with ramps, handlebar and seat post ratchet straps and a lockable coupling with a barrel hitch lock.           

                 *****These are normally in stock and please contact us to come and see these in our workshop.*****

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On the left we have our very popular Side Loading Motorcycle Trailer capable of taking upto 225kg of bike built on 350kg gross.  To the right of it

we have its little brother the sleek Low Loading Motorycle Trailer this is an amazing 9" from the floor.  This one we designed to take a push bike

along with the Motorcycle.

With these great designs you can see it being stored nicely with ourback legs, great if you are limited for space. You can even upgrade

to the doulbe rubber braked caster system(as seen below) which makes moving this around, simples!!


You can swap the back legs for the double rubber braked caster system which makes moving this trailer in your garage, effortless.

The ATV ramps fold out to get your pride and joy up onto the motorbike channel ready to be strapped in place.

Bike has been loaded and then using the handebar ratchet system to lock the bike down and into the front wheel loop.

Low loader with a 272kg bike built on 500kg suspension units and has the back wheel chock and seat post design which worked very well for this

size of bike and this kept within a 100kg nose load as had a box loaded on the back to counter the weight on the front of the trailer by putting 60kg in this.

These are designed for the bigger bikes and must have a 100kg minimum on the S Value of your towbar.

Again our Low Loading Motorcycle Trailer with the handlebar ratchet system and seat post design.


                  Step 1) Here we have a Motorcycle being loaded with the folding ramps and the        

                                          seat holder allows the Motorcycle to be held in place with no support.                                


                                        Step 2) Here are two Motorcycles that have been loaded and can see the handlebar ratchet straps have been used to bring the Motorcycle into the                        

                                      front wheel holder and pull down on the front suspension to secure the Motorcycle in place.                                                                                                            

                 Step 3) Here are 2 images of the seat holder being pulled down over the deepest part of the seat allowing you to ratchet straps this down take some suspension off the back forks

                                  by having some one pull down on the back of the Motorcycle, not too tight as need to allow for some play in the suspension for different terrains. We would recommend getting some        

   hard backed carpet or extra padding to protect the seat.                                                                                                                                                                                     

                         Here we have an image of customer ratchet strapped in 3 points, one on his handlbars, seat holder

                                           and the rear of the Motorcycle back to bring suspension down to stop in bouncing again he left                       

                               enough play to allow for different terrains, again he has used foam/sponge to protect the seat.