Do you use the existing towing point on the car and drill another; if not how are the 2 front towing rings mounted to the car? No, instead of drilling another hole in your bumper we feel it’s better to bring them out slightly lower and come through the grill, which is more discreet, this also makes it much cheaper to replace than a whole bumper when it comes to putting the car back to how it was and in some cases where the grill is wide enough there are no cuts or holes to be made.

Do you modify the front crash bar in anyway? We replace this with our version that has 2 x towing points & a brake cable anchor point, you get the original back so you can convert the car back to how it was when you’ve finished towing it.

Will the modification void a new car warranty? Certainly shouldn’t do as we have had dealers bring them direct for customers but would always recommend you let them know what you are doing as different dealers have different opinions same as Insurance companies do but we are recognized installer of A frame towing devices to a lot of insurance companies.

How are the brakes operated by the cable? The over-run device on the A frame just like a caravan pulls the Stainless steel cable that is fitted to our steel work and runs through the bulkhead to the foot pedal of the car braking all four wheels effectively

How/where is the brake cable ran? Answered above

How does the emergency brake operate? Like a caravan, the breakaway cable on the A frame’s coupling pulls on the handbrake stopping the car dead in the road, just like a trailer.

Do we need 7-Pin Or 13-Pin wiring on our tow bar and does the reversing light need to work on the car? 7 Pin is more than adequate to power the sides, brakes, indicators & fog light

How often does the brake cable need adjusting? Once adjusted for your combination it’s set for good, 1 time.

Is the A-Frame stainless steel, galvanised or painted? Galvanized

Do you supply an A-Frame storage bag? Yes all though not a heavy duty taylor made one it’s hessian.

Do you supply a sign showing on-tow/reflective triangles for the back of the car? You get an Interchangeable No plate holder, triangles held on with top quality suction cups, don’t recommend putting a on Tow sign as this goes against the rules of a trailer it suggests recovery which would be illegal, all though you could be courteous to people following and Put TOW CAR which we can supply on a reflective No plate held on with heavy duty suction cups for £20.00 inc vat.

Can you confirm the coversion price for a 2016/17 Citreon C1? £899.00 inc vat, optional Pneumatic tyre Jockey Wheel ( 1 man load ) £29.99 inc vat, optional GB Badged No plate £15.99 inc vat.

Can the system be swapped onto another car at a later date; if so what is the current price to do that? The A frame is totally universal for vehicles up to 1000kg, everything fitted to this car will only fit all Toyota Aygo, Citreon C1, Peugeot 107 ( new shape needs brake cable anchor point lowering ), Fiat 500 ( different cable & towing eye lengths ), New shape Ford KA ( different cable & towing eye lengths required ) latest Hyundia i10 ( slight mounting hole modification and different cable & towing eye lengths ) all other vehicles would need all new car parts, conversion prices to remove £135, to re-fit & wire in complete used system with no modifications £270, new brake cables £25, new towing eyes £36 per pair, slight modifications £27– 54, complete car conversions with all new parts £550 - £750 depending on vehicle?

Are A frame set ups legal all over Europe? The legal’s can get complicated but the golden rule is what is deemed legal in your country of residence is legal to use in any other country as a visitor which France, Germany and many other European countries seem to understand along with the paper work we give you in various languages to help get this across, however the Valencia area of Spain appear not to be following suit. The bit they seem to struggle with according to feedback is the conversion is a trailer conversion i.e. we turn the car in to a trailer hence why reflective triangles must be displayed, the lights work from the tow vehicle, only the No plate of the tow vehicle can be seen & the brakes work all 4 wheels means it’s now a Trailer not a car on tow, this is the loop hole. The terminology of A frames is a recovery implement used to tow away broken down vehicles in cases of emergency and this is illegal to use for transportation of a vehicle behind a motorhome but that’s not what we are doing and this is the hard part translating this to the Spanish police all though we have many customers frequently travel through & around Spain with no issues.