Fixed and Folding Platforms for Mobility Scooters

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Here at Armitage's we have a range of solutions to the problem of making sure you can take your mobility scooter along with you when you need it most.

Many people are now choosing to carry their mobility scooters on platforms which we attach to the rear of motorhomes and to other suitable vehicles. Here, on the right, we have combined the folding platform with an adjustable framework to mount the Fiamma carry-box, to contain a hoist and other specilaised equipment.

There are two types of mobility platform, folding or fixed, each available in two mounting styles.

The folding platform costs £765 when fitted to a motorhome in conjunction with one of our towbars.

Usually, we supply this with a platform measuring 60 inches by 30 inches, though we can easily vary this size to suit your needs. It can carry 120kg of scooter.

If you already have a towbar (it must have a bolt-on towball, as in the picture below)

, then we can fit the adaptor plate version of our platform. This can carry 100kg of scooter and costs £765. This includes 7 pin by pass protected electrics and a plastic lighting board.  You can upgrade to our deluxe 5' powder coated aluminium protective lighting channel for an additional £96.00.

When the platform is not being used it can be folded up in a matter of seconds, just like this. If the platform is not the answer we can offer our brilliant little mobility scooter trailer, which is decribed and pictured further down this page.

All you have to do is pull out the spring pins you can see in the hinge units, fold the platform into the upright position and pop the pins back in. As you can see in the left photo the lighting board folds

into the appropriate position as well.

Alternatively, we offer the "fixed" mobility platform, which costs £550 and, again, can carry 120kg when fitted in conjunction with our own towbar. The adaptor plate style, which can carry 100kg is £625. These prices include 7 pin by pass protected electrics and a plastic lighting board.

The "fixed" platform does not offer the folding facility when it is not in use but it can be removed very easily. If it's the adaptor plate version you simply slacken off the bolts you can see next to the chain in the right hand picture, a little further up the page. If the platform is mated with one of our towbars

there are just two bolts to slacken and the platform simply sides out of its mounting channels.

Should you wish to, you can remove the folding platform in exactly the same way.

We offer bi-folding loading ramps at £180 for three wheelers or a pair of telescopic ramps  ar £120 for four wheelers, should you need them.

It could be, of course, that your motorhome or car cannot carry the weight of the scooter and platform,

making our mobility scooter trailer the answer