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Click on the image above to see more pictures of our new Motorycle/Scooter design with the

goal post and handlebar grip system.  This allows you to fit a type approved towbar at a later

date as this doesnot need our bespoke heavy duty under run bar to take the seat post as seen below.


It is simplicity itself to further increase the versatility of your motorhome, whether it is coachbuilt

or a panel van conversion, by adding one of our scooter/motorbike racks.

The extruded aluminium rack & ramp will carry most scooters, motorcycle & enduro-style bikes

safely up to 170 kg, providing the motorhome’s chassis is up to the job.

The deluxe version, at £565 inc vat, with high quality lights in a protective aluminium channel and powder coated, is

playing host (above) to the 145kg, 125cc Honda Shadow.

The standard version of the Armitage motorcycle or scooter rack comes with plastic lighting board

and costs £460 inc vat as shown below.

You can see, above, our latest, improved design of motorcycle and scooter rack which is more

flexible than our previous model because the front wheel holder and hooking points are, to all intents

and purposes, infinitely adjustable. These pictures show the standard model.

We also continue, of course, to offer the de luxe version, which has high quality lights, built into a

protective aluminium channel which is powder coated. It still costs just £565 incuding VAT.

We now offer a further upgrade to our deluxe lighting board version to LED light clusters which have

reverse lights built in, however for these to function you will need the Euro 13 pin socket, all though you

can request it with 7 pin plug but you will only have fog lights both sides and no reverse lights will work.

The LED board also has 2 seperate LED No plate lamps along with interchangeable No plate Holder.

see photo below, this costs an additional £80 on top of the deluxe lighting board version.

                                    click on above image for more photos of the LED Version

The pictures below left was very kindly sent to us by by of our customers who put his scooter in place

for the first time after returning home, while the picture, below right, shows a colourful Suzuki being

carried on an Autotrail Chieftain, courtesy of a deluxe integrated rack.



PLEASE NOTE. All scooter racks need to be mounted on a towbar that has sufficient download

capability to cope with the weight of the motorbike rack AND the scooter. Vitally, you must look at the

facts and figures in the owner's handbook to make sure the motorhome has enough spare capacity to

carry its extra burden. 

The only way you can carry over 120kg of bike safely once you know you have the payload & rear axle

carrying capacity left to do so is to have a purpose built Under-run with chassis receptacles

shown in the photo below so the rack levers from the chassis at 2 wide apart points ( i.e. the chassis )

spreading the load, this also iliminates the movement / flex you get with the adaptor plate versions

as listed at the bottom, that just fit behind the towball of a towbar centrally to the vehicle.

the same brackets where fitted to this Iveco below but this can only be done to a very select few

van conversions, we cannot do this to the Fiat / Peugeot / Citreon Range of vans just Coach built

models based on these vehicles with Alko extensions, Alko chassis, Witter extensions, none Alko

Autotrial Motorhomes but only 150kg and other vehicles with chassis's as strong.


The type approved towbar for this particular model of Iveco Daily will carry only 100kg, so we have

made and fitted our own subframe to the Daily's chassis, giving the system the capability to carry

170kg of bike or scooter. The nub of the whole business is that this set-up cannot be used for

towing...only for carrying. Accessories for carrying don't need type approval.

We can make an extra strength version of the motorcycle rack, for use only with full length Al-KO

chassis and many American RVs. This can carry machines up to around 200kg when matched with

Al-Ko and up to around 220kg with the best RV chassis.  This means an extra £60 for an extra-strength

towbar and a further £60 to create an extra-strength bike-carrier. We need a couple of weeks' notice

to book you in for this to give us time to fabricate and galvanise the system. 

If  you're not sure whether your motorhome has the spare rear axle capacity to carry a scooter or

motorbike rack, just clink on this link READY RECKONER to go to an an excel grid that will help

you work out the answer.

The pictures below show a bike carrier application where there was no need at all for the ready

reckoner. This if fiited to an American RV which is built on a very substantial coach chassis. The

rack shown is our earlier model.



If you look at the pictures featuring British and European motorhomes you will see that you are

almost certain to need an extra number plate because your bike will obscure the one on

your motorhome and the law says that a number plate must be mounted on the very back of the

vehicle . If you don't have a spare we can supply you with a GB badge number plate for either

rack for £15.99, if you order it when booking and bring along your driving licence

and log book on the day.                         




Pictured above is our bolt-on, adaptor plate scooter or motorbike rack.

It is suitable for existing motorhome, panel van or SUV towbars (IF they are strong enough). The cost

is £65.00 + £460.00 inc vat which is the adaptor plate and adaptor plate version of the scooter rack with the

plastic lighting board or £65.00 + £565.00 inc vat for the adaptor plate and adaptor plate version of the scooter rack

deluxe lighting system in the protective aluminium channel and pwoeder coated.

Please note; its maximum load is 120kg. Either can be fitted free for you, here at our premises in West

Yorkshire or posted to you for £50 to most UK destinations. We can quote for delivery to the Highlands

and Islands or abroad.

These adaptor plate scooter/motorbike racks are brilliant in combination with panel van camper

conversions. The only problem is that some vans and their respective towbars are limited to a towball

download of 120kg (or less!). The good news is that the most popular van base vehicle, the Fiat

Ducato/Peugeot Boxer/Citroen Relay brotherhood can carry 150kg at the towball, in conjunction with

a Westfalia or Towtrust towbar (that's 120kg of bike and 30kg of scooter or motorcycle rack).

Please give us a call or drop us an e-mail to check the carrying capacity of your own vehicle if you

are in any doubt.




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