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Here is a retail trailer we built recently for use at agricultural and county shows all over the country. The handrails remove in an instant, and the aluminium steps simply fold inside the trailer.

Armitage Trailers are fast developing an enviable reputation for building user-friendly and very versatile exhibition and retail trailers.

Built on sturdy platform chassis, these units are tough enough to stand the rigours of today's traffic and to allow enormous display openings to make sure everything is shown to its best advantage.

We have a standard range of exhibition trailers, very much like the trailer shown immediately to the left of these words. That is a 16 feet long trailer with a 14 feet wide opening. In this format the bottom one third of the hatch drops down and bears the two-tier aluminium access steps. The steps have adjustable legs so that they are suitable for use on uneven terrain


As you can see from the Supatracks exhibition trailer, we can make changes to the design to suit the customer's specific requirements. This client asked for a barn door rear and loading ramps instead of a ramp tailgate so his trailer could make the maximum visual impact on showgrounds... and on the road.


We pride ourselves on our versatility and flexibility. Our great strength is in listening to our clients and providing them with the trailer that suits them exactly. Take a look at our price list and you will soon see that our range of "standard" trailers really is very extensive. But that is only the beginning of the story. Come to us with your ideas whether you need retail trailers or exhibition trailers and we will find a way to accomplish it, providing it's safe and legal.

Whether it's carpet on the floors, spotlights instead of strip lights, variations on the steps and handrails arrangements, bespoke lengths, widths or heights, we will be happy to talk things through.






When our customer gets on site he can be up and running, selling shotguns to the county set in a matter of minutes.

This is a 16 feet long unit, built for the same customer. This is a popular standard design and is available in all sizes, right across the range. Look to the right to see how one of our exhibition trailers opens.

This trailer has its two-tier aluminium steps built into the drop-down section of the hatch.

The hand rails detach in seconds.

Click on the image for more pictures of one of our exhibition trailers unfolding.

Supatracks asked us to build this mobile

exhibition trailer strong enough to carry some

mean machinery onto showgrounds. Look to the right to see it ready for use.

Unlike the exhibition trailer above, Supatracks opted for a smaller flight of stairs and a handrail. The stairs and handrails are all readily detachable and quickly re-assembled.

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Our customer wanted this unit to tour the south of England, showing off the latest in hi-tech home entertainment equipment. Look right to see the specially-built access ramps. The ramp (seen right) is easily dismantlable and can be stored inside the trailer.

The client has kitted this exhibition trailer out in luxury  sitting room style. It is fitted with a 240v  electrics system. The big display window is made of automotive grade toughened glass .

Click on the image for more pictures.

The major building firm, Bramall Construction, asked us to build this unit to show the tenants of some 30,000 former council houses the options they have in a major renovations scheme.

What is inside the display unit. Again, this is a unit made with removable ramp access. Please click on the image to see more pictures.

Sadly, we have never had the opportunity to see this retail trailer in action. It was bespoke built for a Kent publican who does the rounds of  agricultural shows, pop concerts and race meetings.

He asked for the full height opening so that specialists could build in a re-creation of a traditional four ale public bar. Would that all our retail trailers were put to such good use.